General Faq for XHTML/CSS

Tax authorities request money not to be payed without an invoice, so we will also need an invoice for eventually occurring advance payment. Is this possible?

For tax authorities we need a invoice (via pdf) without any VAT. Does your company provide that?

Do you sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement)?

How can we pay: Amex, Mastercard, Paypal?

Is it possible to have a specific personal contact or do we have to mail/talk with different persons?

What currency do you work with?

What if we are not satisfied with your service?

What is the use of Signing an NDA (non disclosure agreement)

Give a brief introduction about your work style?

Can you convert old HTML into valid XHTML/CSS?

In which software does the CSSChopper deals?

Who are the end users of these services?

What is W3C valid Markup/CSS?

Website Development Faq

how much you cost for installing the website once the development complete?

Can you do design+HTML+Integration+Installation completely in one package?

I already have my website and I need it updating, can you help me?

Do you redesign the existing website?

Can you provide asymptotic/anonymous url for showing update?

Will website design be 'search engine' friendly?

Once website development completed, what after sales service do you have?

What do you need for PSD to HTML conversion?

How many page-designs are included when ordering a magento-template package?

I would like to design my site, what do I need to do now?

If one provide PSD in different language, then will it work?

Can your company deliver the turn key solution to take our PSD files, and deliver a fully connected front/backend for the client. So not just delivering the html template back, but full integration?

If we have our own internal format in terms of folder organization/management and CSS structure, would you follow that?

What is your average turnaround time once you have the PSD files?

Does your work include a support for IE6?

Can I choose you to develop mysite and use my own web hosting?

How long does it take to have a website developed and launched?

how much does website development cost?

CMS Related Faq

What does a Wordpress template cost?

What does a Magento template cost?

Do you work with 960 or Blueprint grid frameworks?

What CMS/Blog software do you offer to work with?

Do you offer a service for filling a CMS with content? You will get a textfile with Headline, Copytext and picture declaration. What do you charge for such a service?

Is there any training you provide on how to manage cms or ecommerce backoffice/backend/admin panel?

Do you suggest best CMS and eCommerce according to the work?

Which is the best eCommerce?

Which is the best CMS?

Do you provide help doc for managing content from admin end?

Are you working on latest versions of CMS and eCommerce?

Order & Payment Related Faq

Do you offer discounts on two or more projects submitted at once?

Do you offer any type of discount?

Do you provide invoice for payment/transaction?

What are the different modes of accepting the payment?

How much payment must be deposit for starting the project?

What are you payment policies?

Do you need us to talk or voice chat before starting project?

Do I need to send deposit for work?

What happen when i complete your order form?

Hire Dedicated Developer Faq

What is the minimum and maximum time period to hire dedicated developer?

How many dedicated developer can you provide at a time?

How many years of experienced developers do you have?

What are the area of work for dedicated developer?

Is it possible to hire dedicated developer for hourly basis in our time zone?

Can we hire dedicated developer according to our timezone?

How the CSS Chopper differs from other Indian web developing companies?

How much would I save if I hire web developer from India?

An outsource work to an Indian company will be advantageous. How?

What factors should be taken into consideration while hiring a XHTML/CSS team?

Why one should hire a web developer?

Hosting Related Faq

Do you also offer hosting services to host cms or ecommerce websites?

Can I choose you to develop mysite and use my own web hosting?

Client Asked Questions

Is it possible to meet your representative in the USA?

If I would like to convert ROR website to WordPress, then is it possible for you guys to do?

Is it possible to increase the speed of our existing website?

Is there any selection process of designer in your 50/50 partnership plan?

Is it possible to have drastic change in timeline if we use CQR meter?

How fast you guys reply on CQR meter Quote?

Do you have agency rates, if we have good number of projects?

Do you guys work in Expression engine customization as well or in front-end theming only?

Are you guys have expertise in ROR as well?

Do you guys design the layout, if I don't have responsive layouts?

I have one page & in the future, if I would like to make it responsive, so is it easy for you guys?

Do you have any offers for agency customers?

Is there any additional charges for the installation of files on our server?

If we choose expedite option, so how fast can you deliver our project?

I want to try a dedicated developer model & also want to know about its working process, so is it possible?

I am looking for a dedicated HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, etc. developer, how many models are available in hiring process, please explain?

I have few projects in queue, so is it possible to engage CSSChopper in whole December? I hope you guys will work or you will also be on holidays. Projects are really important for me.

If I place an order today with the requirement of 1 home page and 5 inner pages and later on I would like to add few more pages, so I will be charged again for home page?

What screen dimensions should you require for responsive website design?

I need the completed project as soon as possible! How can I expedite that?

Is there any time difference in delivery by choosing XHTML or HTML5 ?

I have existing HTML site do you offer service to convert it in Responsive CMS/eCommerce.