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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the latest technology to build and optimize fast loading web pages on any mobile device. Google developed Accelerated Mobile Pages in October 2015 to make the mobile web faster for users. According to research, there are approximately 1.699 billion AMP pages from 861,000 domains, with 34.99 million new pages that have been added every week. Thus, its time to choose the AMP web pages to attract more users.

We at CSSChopper design and develop the extraordinary AMP websites that lead to conversions and achieve business goals. Our manifest strategies empower clients to effectively engage with new customers, sustain existing users relationships, and accomplish their online marketing objectives.

9 AMP Developer Tactics to Make Extravagant Web App

  • increase in efficiency

    increase in efficiency

    Our seasoned AMP developers use AMP while creating your website to improve the efficiency of your website or business and attain more sales. This will help you increase conversion rate.

  • flexible engagement

    flexible engagement

    Web pages, we publish in the AMP open -source format load immediately that give a smooth and more engaging experience to the user on desktop and mobile application.

  • mobile friendly

    mobile friendly

    AMP is accessible to all the devices that cover more than half of the customers across the digital world. Thus, with AMP, we create exceptional mobile solutions for your business.

  • accessible framework

    accessible framework

    We create fast loading mobile web pages by using AMP accessible framework to distribute content material easily on web pages for better user experience on mobile devices.

  • seo optimized

    seo optimized

    Our developers create AMP-optimized content by using AMP CDN (Content Delivery Network). Thus, there is no need to customize your content as the search engines can easily discover your page.

  • lazy load images

    lazy load images

    Sometimes, heavy images do not open on mobile devices. But, with the help of AMP, we make images load fast and produce the great user interface towards your website.

  • navigate site easily

    navigate site easily

    AMP designed website is easily accessible on small screens as well. Thus, the website we create can be easily navigated by the user on their mobile and can get rid of the hassle of not being able to search the desired product.

  • reduced load time

    reduced load time

    By optimizing font size, compressing image and avoiding heavy formats, our AMP experienced developers design the perfect website that takes less time to load and helps to retain the interest of customers with accuracy.

  • asynchronous javascript

    asynchronous javascript

    We use AMP Asynchronous JavaScript while creating website. JavaScript is a fantastic way to enhance the speed of any web page because it does not include render blocking technique that stops browser to run the web page.

6 plugged-in AMP features to generate blue-chip outcome

Being well-versed with the modest technique, our AMP developers integrate custom features to build striking AMP website that runs on every device smoothly.

  • amp-add


    With AMP-ADD tag, we derive all the website functionalities with a different tag name via hyper text transfer protocol system.

  • amp-validator


    We at CSSChopper use AMP-validator testing tool to check the validity of one or more URLs for accelerated mobile pages to find any error.

  • innovative and faster

    innovative and faster

    With AMP, we build faster application that will be beautiful, engaging and innovative. It will surely attract more users towards your website.

  • light-weight version

    light-weight version

    By using lightweight AMP version, we improve the mobile visitor’s traffic to your website by enhancing the loading speed of web pages.

  • flexibility


    With the proper use of AMP, we present the latest content according to vendors choice while maintaining key performance indicators.

  • installation

    attractive layout

    By using AMP, we provide a set of distinct layouts to specify that how a component behaves in the document layout.

Astounding AMP Design and Development Services

At CSSChopper, AMP development services are performed by well-versed team of AMP web developers. Our best AMP developers design high-performing AMP websites that are accessible across all devices and distributed platform. Our AMP services include

  • Smooth and Elegant AMP design
  • AMP Web development
  • Social Media Marking integration
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • SEO optimized designs
  • Cutting-edge AMP Integration
  • Cost effect AMP Campaigns
  • Corporate AMP website development
  • Cross-platform Mobile App development
  • AMP Template design
  • Custom AMP development
  • AMP HTML service

what we do to improve website performance with AMP?

  • With AMP, our developer evaluates your website on mobile easily.
  • We are skilled to work with the significant modules of AMP that increase the website performance.
  • Our AMP created website design will help you improve ROI.
  • We utilize each tool of AMP for proper reusing, organizing, and structuring of the content and other elements.
  • We at CSSChopper implement tactics of AMP efficiently so that the pages load super quickly.
  • We comply with the W3C coding norms and follow all the standards for developing AMP website.
  • Follow a steadfast approach to recognize and reduce issues which can slow the process.
  • Our AMP developers build a fascinating UI for your webpages and magnify its user experience.

CSSChopper delivers thriving AMP web development

We at CSSChopper know how to harness this power to create AMP websites that are easy to use and attract to targeted audiences. Our seasoned AMP developer assists you to adopt AMP web design to enhance SEO visibility, user experience and mobile traffic.

objectives to appoint CSSChopper to hire the best AMP developer

  • At CSSChopper, we provide flexible engagement models including full-time hiring, weekly and bucket hour TM support.
  • With AMP, we reduce time & bounce rate of the development process.
  • We provide universal compatibility of website with AMP by delivering customized content.
  • Our team of AMP developers has experience to tackle the most complex and different AMP projects including start-up to enterprise level.
  • CSSChopper has good ability to promptly develop and expand your mobile pages through global brands.
  • Our main purpose is to make your static website more effective on the mobile device by following user-centric approach.
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With our persistent efforts and diligent work, we have been successful in pleasing more than 10000 clients. We have reached several milestones and obtained a lot of appreciation from our valuable clients. We are a proud web development company. We've served many world's brands with innovative solutions.

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